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A) buy b) buyed c) bought d) buyd 6. She a piece of bread yesterday. a) eat b) ate c) eaten d) eating 16. The little girl .... the glass on the table. a) puted b) putted c) puten d) put 7. I 17. He .... to buy the newspaper. a) stop b) stopped c) sloped d) stoppen a man in the street. a) saw b) see c) seeing d) seed 8. The little girl ... the wrong bus. a) take b) took c) taken d) taking 18. I .... in Paris yesterday. a) was b) be c) went d) beed 9. She a lot of beer. a) drink b) drunk c) drinked d) drank 19.

A letter to his friend. all the bread? b) eaten d) eating a) write b) writed c) written d) wrote 20. We .... to her yesterday. the film yet. b) saw d) seeing 27 a) speak b) spoke c) spoken d) speaked A R R I V E IN/A - REGULAR AND I R R E G U L A R VERBS 1. The children haven't yet. a) come b) came c) coming d) comed 11. She .... me yesterday's newspaper. a) give b) gave c) given d) gived 2. Have you a) seed c) seen 12. I my new book? b) sawed d) seing some francs in the bank. a) change b) changed c) changes d) changing 13.

B) in d) into 18. He has been .... work all morning. a) in b) on c) at d) by 9. He was waiting girlfriend. a) on c) over the street for his b) at d) in 19. She was sitting .... the back. a) in b) at c) by d) on 10. It is on this page, a) at c) on the top. b) in d) into 20. The picture was .... the wall. a) on b) at c) in d) by 25 ON - IN - AT 1. Where is the car? It's Pond Road. a) on b) into c) at d) in 11. She was standing .... the back. 2. It's parked just a) on c) in 12. There were dirty marks the corner.

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