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By Chogyam Trungpa

This can be the transcript of talks given via Rinpoche on the first Seminary, a twelve-week education interval of extensive research and meditation held at Jackson gap, Wyoming.

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I would like to further emphasize what we discussed in the early part of my talk yesterday on the sense of reverence and respect. It is something more than just purely attitude; it is something that one actually experiences in terms of one's relationship to oneself and the world. And that experience is being able to see the level of contact, the process of contact with the phenomenal world. The contact generally is divided into preparing, proceeding and touching. And actually one can experience that sense of magic or sense of majesty, sense of beauty, and sense of well-being not only in the meditative state alone but in ordinary states as well.

The alaya is active at the same time the other sense perceptions are also active, and alaya instigates the restlessness or drowsiness or potential of subconscious picturing, subconscious gossip. So alaya plays all the time simultaneously. That's why it is called consciousness. And it is definitely consciousness, rather than on the level of the ignorance that we generally talk about, primordial ignorance. This is by no means primordial ignorance; it is consciousness. Alaya is known as the storehouse of consciousness.

At this point it is not so much meditating on anything particular at all, but just being with one's body fully and completely. As much as we can, we are right there, sitting there. And that kind of sense of being there is also a very penetrating experience. That sense of being transcends the ordinary level of self-'consciousness even. You might occasionally exper"ience that you feel you are being there, you are watching yourself being there and the watcher watches itself. But that is another little phase, another little project that wears out quickly, and then comes back into experiencing of being.

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