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By Barbara Ann Kipfer

ISBN-10: 1569754667

ISBN-13: 9781569754665

BUDDHA’S solutions TO LIFE’S day-by-day DILEMMAS

Is it attainable to discover peace of brain in rush hour site visitors? how are you going to sit back with the consistent ringing of your cellular phone? while is there time for mindfulness in the course of a chaotic workday?

863 Buddhist how you can triumph over Life’s Little Challenges exhibits the best way to conquer the hitches, hiccups and hardships of contemporary existence in the course of the knowledge of Buddha. You don’t have to be a Buddhist to profit from the tips during this booklet. Open to any web page and you’ll discover a real-life challenge via an easy-to-apply answer for conquering it in a spiritually pleasurable demeanour.

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You are even thinking of joining a local co-op farm that grows organic food. WISDOM: Food safety, both for humans and the Earth, is a real-world problem. One solution is to grow and eat locally grown organic food. By reframing the problem in a solvable way, we can help save the Earth. We can be the ones who change the world and overcome the obstacles to a sustainable future. SITUATION: While you will be the first to admit that you are not the best chef in the world, you did work hard to make a special meal for your boyfriend.

Noting desires with humor can help get your mind out of its rut. SITUATION: You are thinking of radically changing your diet because of the benefit to both you and the environment. WISDOM: The foods that are healthiest for the human body are also the healthiest for our environment and create the least suffering for other creatures. SITUATION: Growing up in the Midwest, eating and enjoying steak was a very natural thing to do. But in recent years, because of the social issues regarding meat, you have cut down on the amount of meat that you eat and would like to eliminate it from your diet.

SITUATION: There does not seem to be enough time in the day to both exercise and meditate on a regular basis. Since you are new to meditation, you are more enthusiastic about meditating than exercising. WISDOM: When you begin to practice meditation, do not forget to take care of your body too. Physical health is just as important as spiritual health. SITUATION: Saturday morning is your time to be alone and go for a walk at the beach. Everyone in the family knows not to request anything from you during this time.

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