A Day at a Zoo (Time Goes By) by Sarah Harrison PDF

By Sarah Harrison

ISBN-10: 0761346724

ISBN-13: 9780761346722

Monkeys! Seals! Tigers! try out those 8 action-packed scenes to work out what occurs in the course of an entire day at a hectic zoo. In every one photograph, the zoo buzzes with job. viewers, zookeepers, and animals movement from position to put. search for the alterations that take place. hold your eye at the clock too. through spending a complete day within the related position, you could watch occasions spread from morning to nighttime.

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The environmental movement's view of nature has become the predominant one in America todaynature as a pristine world, spoiled only by modern man, the klutz in heavy boots trampling the flowers. To find any reality in the vision of a nature separate from man, though, we would have to turn back the clock at least ten thousand years, back before the Paleo-Indians of North America began Page 5 running herds of mammoths off cliffs to their extinction, before the first slashing and burning agriculturists leveled the forests of Europe and Asia, and before the evolutionary imperative of domestication spread dogs and cows and sheep, and man, across the face of the earth.

Careful ecological studies in the eastern United States, for example, have shown that in areas where deer populations have exploded following restrictions on hunting (and the abandonment of agriculture and the concomitant increase in secondary forest), the populations of rare songbirds have declined dramatically. Forest regeneration comes to a complete halt as deer browse saplings to the ground. The deer themselves suffer, too, in ways they never would as the targets of hunters. Starvation and disease are not pleasant ways to die.

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