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By Eveline S. Litscher, Paul M. Wassarman

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This publication offers a coherent, transparent, and uniform presentation of structural, genetic, molecular, and biochemical details on hand for the zona pellucida area protein kinfolk, which impression pathologies comparable to infertility, deafness, and melanoma. in addition it:

  • Details information regarding the constitution and serve as of the ZP area in ZPDC-proteins
  • Provides illustrations of the association of ZPDC-proteins, the genes that encode the proteins, and examples of mutations within the ZP area that reason diseases
  • Speculates as to the evolution of the ZP area and strength therapeutics for illnesses stemming from ZP area mutations
  • Addresses mammalian and non-mammalian systems

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1 mqvsnsgsrg krlpwpsltk ftfpylspps sssactwlfl fftlvtsvns iyflqlsdpa 61 fpgtvtcnen eimvefpsyv gtktlhasvv dplgvemlnc tyildpeklt lrvpykactr 121 avhgghqmsi rvmnnsaalr htdveyqffc pveqtlefsk saactkdfms lsfpriptgl 181 gdstmvnesq mgwmvqaghg pgaqtlslee akgqgfgvli ddnkmtlsvl lnatgvthyv 241 egtshlhtmf lklslvspgq kmtfpsraic lsgpvtcnat hmtltipefp gklesvsien 301 rnitvsqlhd qgidveaing lrlhfsktvl ktkfsekclh dqlyisslkl tfnleldtvs 361 tvinpecpcd spasivsgel Ctqdgfmdfe vythqtkpal nldtlrvgss sCqpvfkaqs 421 qglvrfripl ngCgtrhkfe dekviyenev halwenlpps kisrdsefrm tvqCyytrdd 481 mllnaniksl pppvasvkpg plalslqtyp desyqqpyrv neypivkylr qpiymevrvl 541 nrndpnikla lddCwatssm dpaslpkwsi vmdgCeysld nyqtnfhpvg ssvtypehyq 601 rfdvktfafv seaqarsslv yfhCsaliCn qhypdsplCs vtCpgssrhr ratgnteeer 661 vtaslpgpil llpngssfrg vgdskehgma gdvtsktmaa vaavagvvat lgfisylckk 721 rtmmlsh ZP3: The polypeptide of ZP3 consists of 419 aa residues and has an SS (aa 1–22; highlighted), a ZPD (aa 45–299; highlighted) with eight Cys residues (aa 46, 78, 97, 138, 215, 237, 280, 298; capitalized and underlined), followed by a CFCS (aa 344–347, RSRR; highlighted and underlined) and TMD (aa 383–405; highlighted).

PLoS One 8, 9 (2013). Qi H, Williams Z, Wassarman PM. Secretion and assembly of zona pellucida glycoproteins by growing mouse oocytes microinjected with epitope‐tagged cDNAs for mZP2 and mZP3. Mol Cell Biol 13, 530–541 (2002). Roller RJ, Wassarman PM. Role of asparagine‐linked oligosaccharides in secretion of ­glycoproteins of the mouse egg’s extracellular coat. J Biol Chem 258, 13243–13249 (1983). Salzmann GS, Greve JM, Roller RJ, Wassarman PM. Biosynthesis of the sperm receptor ­during oogenesis in the mouse.

MZP3: The polypeptide of mZP3 consists of 424 aa residues and has an SS (aa 1–22), a ZPD (aa 45–302) with eight Cys residues, followed by a CFCS (aa 350–353, RNRR), and a TMD (aa 387–409). 2 for the aa sequence and domain organization of mZP3. Further Reading Epifano O, Liang L, Dean J. Mouse Zp1 encodes a zona pellucida protein homologous to egg envelope proteins in mammals and fish. J Biol Chem 270, 27254–27258 (1995). Kinloch RA, Roller RJ, Fimiani CM, Wassarman DA, Wassarman PM. Primary structure of the mouse sperm receptor polypeptide determined by genomic cloning.

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