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By John D. MacDonald

ISBN-10: 0449129667

ISBN-13: 9780449129661

Sam Glidden owed all his luck to the possibilities he'd obtained from Thomas McGann, president of the Harrison company. yet now McGann was once useless, and Mike Dean, a wildly flamboyant company speculator, used to be trying to upload the Harrison company to his lengthy checklist of conquests. McGann's spoiled offspring, Tommy and Louise, observed the opportunity to make quick substantial greenbacks through promoting out their stocks. yet Sam Glidden could not stand to determine every thing he'd labored for wolfed up by way of a barracuda like Mike Dean. So he wangled a call for participation to the sand-and-surf soiree Dean deliberate for Louise and Tommy within the Bahamas ...

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Then he could unload for a long-term capital gain, go over on the short side and ride the stock right back down into the ground. Say he personally holds one hundred thousand shares. I can see how he could make a profit of thirty dollars a share. " She nibbled at her thumb knuckle. "How do you know he doesn’t want to do what you’re trying to do? " "That’s what he’s announced he wants to do, naturally. But will he do that? Or is this just a raid? We thought we were safe, Louise. We didn’t know that you and Tommy might go back on your promise to Al Dolson.

In the big receivership tangle over the Geiss Roller Bearing empire, it was Mike who popped up out of no place, holding aces back to back. He had never married. I had heard a lot of words about him. Crafty, unscrupulous, power-mad, egomaniac. And also, charming, able, generous, genius. I was not braced for Mike in the flesh. He had a deep tan and he wore a straw coolie hat and an ankle-length pink sarong, professionally knotted at the waist and thoroughly rump-sprung. He was shorter than he had looked in his pictures; he stood about five-nine.

Warren Dodge had taken the chair on the other side of me just in time to hear the last remark. " I turned and looked at the puffy, sullen and arrogant face. Warren Dodge is a big man. I think he is two years older than I am, but I like to believe he looks ten years older. His blond hair is thin. Liquor has puffed the big body, ravaged the school-boy face. But there is still a curiously collegiate flavor about him, the forlorn echoes of a valiant goal-line stand in the mud of a November afternoon.

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