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By Gita Mehta

ISBN-10: 0679752471

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With inventive lushness and narrative elan, Mehta presents a singular that mixes Indian storytelling with completely smooth perceptions into the character of love--love either carnal and elegant, treacherous and redeeming. "Conveys a global that's non secular, international, and fully accessible."--Vanity reasonable.

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16 India, Iran and Turan in 1600 Many European travelers remarked upon the extensive agriculture and density of settlement in Mughul India. Those like Jean Chardin, later Sir John Chardin, who traveled in both India and Iran, were well aware of the comparatively scarce resources and scattered population of the Safavid state. Chardin, the French Huguenot jeweler and later English subject, visited India at least twice during his prolonged stays in Iran between 1666 and 1677, and said that the "Indies .

Borgomale, Coins, Medals, and Seals, xv and 4. For discussion of "moneys of account," which also included the Russian rouble in the seventeenth century, see E. E. Rich and C. H. 59 Safavid Iran's chronic currency shortage was undoubtedly due in part to its lack of workable precious metal deposits, although that problem did not distinguish it significantly from Mughul India or Uzbek Turan. 61 Copper was also found in Mughul territories, but like the Safavids the Mughuls possessed no significant gold or silver deposits.

Given the aridity of most of the Iranian countryside the ratio of urban to rural settlement may have been higher in Iran than it was in Mughul India. 16 Chardin's description of Iran's desiccated, thinly populated countryside might just as easily have been used to characterize the agrarian resources and population distribution in Uzbek Turan which, like Iran, was also a region of persisting competition between agriculturalists and pastoral nomads throughout the Mughul and Safavid periods. 17 This area was capable of supporting only a small number of pastoral nomads.

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