New PDF release: A year to live: how to live this year as if it were your

By Stephen Levine

ISBN-10: 0609801945

ISBN-13: 9780609801949

In his new ebook, Stephen Levine, writer of the perennial best-seller Who Dies?, teaches us tips to reside every one second, every one hour, on a daily basis mindfully--as if it have been all that used to be left. On his deathbed, Socrates exhorted his fans to perform loss of life because the optimum kind of knowledge. Levine determined to reside this fashion himself for a complete 12 months, and now he stocks with us how such immediacy noticeably alterations our view of the area and forces us to envision our priorities. such a lot folks visit impressive lengths to disregard, snicker off, or deny the truth that we'll die, yet getting ready for dying is among the most logical and lucrative acts of a life-time. it truly is an workout that provides us the chance to accommodate unfinished company and input right into a new and colourful courting with existence. Levine presents us with a year-long application of intensely sensible thoughts and robust guided meditations to assist with this paintings, in order that at any time when the last word second does arrive for every people, we can't think that it has come too quickly.

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AR aa Moment to moment allow each breath its full expression in soft-belly. Let go of the hardness. Let it float in something softer and kinder. Let thoughts come and let them go, floating like bubbles in the spaciousness of soft-belly. Holding to nothing, softening, softening. Let the healing in. Let the pain go. Have mercy on yourself. soften the belly, open the passageway to the heart. In soft-belly there is room to be born at last, and room to die when the moment comes. In soft-belly is the vast spaciousness in which to heal, in which to discover our unbounded nature.

This in turn is clearly our fear of finding ourselves in a situation over which we have no control, with our reserves exhausted and our body wracked with suffer­ ing. This fear, however, is one of the few that can be dealt with materially. The science of pain management has improved rad­ ically over the past few years. Now the enormously successful use of an MST Continuum (a continuous infusion of morphine sulfate perfectly adjusted-titrated-to the individual patient's needs; in Canada it is called Voluntary Pain Management) can usually provide an almost painless final round.

Our life isn't only a collection of people and places, it is a continuum of the ever-changing feelings they engender. As one practitioner said, "Even our past has a life of its own. " To know your life is to know intimately what you are feel­ ing. Or, to put it another way: to be aware of what state of mind predominates in consciousness. This noting of mental states encourages a deeper recognition of what is happening while it is happening. It allows us to be more fully alive to the present rather than living our life as an afterthought.

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