Mohammed Ferdjallah's Introduction to Digital Systems: Modeling, Synthesis, and PDF

By Mohammed Ferdjallah

ISBN-10: 0470900555

ISBN-13: 9780470900550

ISBN-10: 1118007719

ISBN-13: 9781118007716

Content material:
Chapter 1 electronic method Modeling and Simulation (pages 1–8):
Chapter 2 quantity platforms (pages 9–23):
Chapter three Boolean Algebra and common sense (pages 24–45):
Chapter four VHDL layout thoughts (pages 46–67):
Chapter five built-in common sense (pages 68–86):
Chapter 6 good judgment functionality Optimization (pages 87–104):
Chapter 7 Combinational good judgment (pages 105–132):
Chapter eight Sequential common sense (pages 133–164):
Chapter nine Synchronous Sequential good judgment (pages 165–211):

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Often, the final logic circuit is implemented with only NAND gates or only NOR gates. In practice, one usually draws the logic circuit using NOT, AND, and OR gates, then implements a graphical conversion of the gates. 15. Each bubble inserted must be compensated for on the same connecting line. Two consecutive invert bubbles cancel each other out. Single bubbles not canceled must be replaced by inverters. An inverter is replaced by a NAND or a NOR gate by connecting both inputs. 17. 19. 17 STANDARD LOGIC INTEGRATED CIRCUITS An approach used widely until the mid-1980s was to connect multiple chips, each containing only a few logic gates.

2 Describe VHDL language programming Describe CAD tools for digital system design Describe hardware description languages Provide a history of hardware description languages Define VHDL Describe the VHDL programming structure Define entity Define architecture Describe VHDL data types Describe VHDL operators Describe Signal and generate statements Describe sequential statements Describe loops and decision-making statements Describe Subcircuit design Describe package and component statements CAD TOOL–BASED LOGIC DESIGN Today’s digital integrated circuits are designed to perform highly complex functions.

4 BOOLEAN AXIOMS AND THEOREMS The basic logic operations include logic sum, logic product, and logic complement. If a logic variable is true, its logic complement is false. The following set of logic expressions illustrates the axioms of Boolean algebra: . . . . 0Ã0¼ 0 0þ0 ¼ 0 1Ã1¼ 1 1þ1 ¼ 1 0Ã1¼ 1Ã0¼ 0 0þ1 ¼ 1þ0 ¼ 1 ¼ 1 if x ¼ 0; then x ¼ 0 if x ¼ 1; then x The character (Ã) represents the AND logic product, and the character ( þ ) stands for the OR logic sum. A bar over a character represents the NOT logic.

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