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By Andre Norton

ISBN-10: 0345325869

ISBN-13: 9780345325860

Technological know-how fiction by way of Andre Norton. battle among Atlantis and Mu.

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Technology fiction by way of Andre Norton. conflict among Atlantis and Mu.

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No! We can do nothing. ” The man shrieked once more and then lay still, the others edging away from his crumpled body. “See—it seeks now other victims, having fed once,” Cho hissed. That splotch of green, no longer seeming part of a beam of light, but something far more tangible, with an evil life of its own, wriggled from the arm of the dead man, fell upon the planking, lengthened into a snake, and began to inch along. Han leaned over the wheel. In his hand was a pear-shaped crystal. As he held it out, a spark of fire shot from it to strike directly upon the serpent light.

Convulsively he flung out his right arm. On the bare skin, writhing as might some loathsome reptile, was a patch of vivid green. The sailor screamed again, flinging himself back from the machine he served, falling to the deck close to Ray. Instinctively the American started forward, hand half out, but Cho’s grip jerked him back and away. “No! We can do nothing. ” The man shrieked once more and then lay still, the others edging away from his crumpled body. “See—it seeks now other victims, having fed once,” Cho hissed.

Over the deck, now awash, darted a slight figure, to leap to the waiting boat. With mighty strokes the rowers sent the small skiff surging from the side of the sinking vessel. There was a moment of silence while, by the aid: of the light still on the deserted deck, they could see the boats racing toward them. Then a column of purple flame flowered upwards, filling sky and lapping sea with angry brilliance. With a roar it and the Fire Snake disappeared. The first survivors were already climbing over the rail of Cho’s ship, and the commander went to welcome them.

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